I’m not understanding this

I am frustrated that my furnace keeps turning off.  The system just won’t run for longer than a few hours.  I can’t control the temperature in my condo as a result.  When I head out for work in the morning, the oil furnace is on pushing out quality heat.  But I want my condo heated while I’m at work so I don’t come home to the arctic. Everytime I get home the furnace is off and I’m afraid the pipes will freeze. I have to beg and plead with the thing while I clean it out just to get it running again.  I might have a few hours of heat while I finish dinner but it’s always cold again by the time I’m ready for bed. I end up having to tinker with it before I go to sleep and then it’s cold again if I wake up in the middle of the night. Having to mess with my oil furnace every couple of hours just to get it running is wearing on me.  I change the filter, I add oil, and I manually lubricate the motor belt, but nothing helps. The furnace just doesn’t want to heat my condo anymore. I pray the repair costs don’t go through the roof. I also hope that the entire system isn’t broken and needs to be replaced. It will heat up sometimes just not every time. I really hope I don’t have to replace it altogether.  

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