That was expensive

Almost six months ago, my husband and I purchased a new A/C unit, as our outdated A/C unit was not performing well anymore, and we were due for an update. Neither of us were actually surprised, when we heard a replacement was necessary. Fortunately, we have a good air conditioning and heating company who has been servicing our home for the past decade. They helped us choose a new system for our house, and we purchased a new unit for the house. Since the contractor does not extend any credit, we wrote them a check for $3500 dollars that day. The unit has been working great. There have not been any concerns with the air quality in our home, and the a/c works better than our outdated one ever did. A few mornings ago, I opened the mailbox and found a bill from our provider. The bill was dated for the day that our outdated unit was removed. We were being charged several hundred dollars for the disposal of our old unit. I was surprised and confused, and immediately contacted the distributor. The office staff could not answer my questions, and left a message for the owner to call me back. I did not hear anything for several mornings, and when I finally heard from the owner of the shop, they apologized for the billing error and told us that we did not have any balance due.

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