The parts arrived and I did my work

Being an economical person can be a difficult task. It is boring and takes a lot of a time to clip and organize coupons. It tends to be an embarrassment in the store with cashiers mad at you for still being in line and the customers behind you mad as well for you still being there. I do save a lot, making this worth it, but it has drawbacks. My wife is usually okay with my thriftiness, but she did not appreciate it last week when our air stopped working. I was pretty positive I knew what the issue was. I was right, I found, when I took the unit apart. I told my wife that we could save a lot of money if we ordered the part online. She agreed with me and then we found out that the part would take three weeks to arrive. She was not thrilled about that and told me to go get the part from the hardware store. I explained to here that the store did not carry the art. She then told me to just over night the part. That would cost forty dollars, but if we waited three weeks, we would pay nothing. I did not want to pay that at all. We fought about it but she was not giving an inch on the topic. I finally just went and ordered the part. Forty dollars and two days later, the part just came in the mail.  

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