I love the solar panels

I make sure that I protect the environment. I ride my bicycle as normally as possible, and I only drive my car when it’s essential. I recycle all bottles together with cans, and I compost many organic wastes. I have recently upgraded my HVAC system and now avoid greenhouse gas emissions. Although the project was pricey, I expect to recover that investment in about five more years. I hired a local HVAC contractor to put a geothermal heat pump inside my home. This required a loop system to be buried in my backyard. The loop system allows the ways to access the free energy source which is found underground. Because the earth absorbs our sun’s heat, it remains at a relatively stable temperature year round. The geothermal heat pump make use of the sun’s heat, compressing it to higher temperatures and transferring it to the inside. In the summer, the heat pump reverses direction and extracts heat inside the house to pump it outside. The process is actually extremely energy efficient, clean and quiet. Because there is no combustion process, there is no harmful gas created which pollute the surroundings. The only energy required of the system is hardly any electricity. I have solved this issue with the idea of installing solar panels. The solar panels also free you from paying more than the sun as an energy resource and produce more electricity than I use for running my household. I now get a credit from the electric company rather than a bill. Because of my solar panels and my geothermal heat pump, my home is more environmentally responsible. And it’s  cleaner, safer, and extremely comfortable.

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