A newer heat pump

I’ve been residing in this quaint older home in the neighborhood that I’m absolutely in love with. Many prefer things to be brand new and modern, but that’s not my style. I like a locale that has some character to it, which you only get with age. I’m not into the cookie-cutter apartments and new homes that look like beige rectangles. So I’ve been renting our house that is an entire floor of this charming  older house, and because of its age, I get to live here at a reasonably good price. Indeed, not all things newer are better, which couldn’t be more true than with the building’s oil furnace. It’s an unusual type I’ve never encountered before that’s essentially steam but through a gas furnace. The furnace in the basement heats the water and air to make steam which traverses through the pipes into the radiators in our apartment. This makes some noise, but nothing disruptive or displeasing. It just chugs along when it’s heating the apartment up is all. However, one time it scared the heck out of a neighbor of mine. He was in the rocking chair next to the radiator by the window, then it whistled to let out the excess air pressure through the valve on the side. He thought the sound was a ghost and hopped out of his seat screaming. It was so hilarious! And the best part of this furnace is it’s incredibly efficient. Our utility bills for heating the apartment have been at their lowest.

VM air and heat 

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