Modern luxuries

My associate, Mary, got married last July. Her wedding was ridiculously elegant and very inconvenient. She insisted that the different bride’s maids have our hair done and also get manicures and pedicures. We were also required to buy matching shoes, jewelry, accessories, and very expensive gowns. Her bridal shower was held in a mansion that cost a wad of cash to rent, and her wedding was held in a barn. The barn was the most ridiculous part of this whole ordeal. The barn was located out in the absolute middle of nowhere, forcing everyone to drive forever to get there. Since the barn was a house for animals previously, it had no modern luxuries. There was no running water, no HVAC system, and despite being decked out in super expensive gowns and stiletto heeled shoes, we had to use porta potties. However the outside temperature was in the low nineties and the humidity was dreadful, there was no air conditioning. Instead, there were only several box fans blowing dust and hot air around. Because there wasn’t any air conditioning, everyone was sweating profusely. As you can imagine, the barn did not smell especially pleasant. The cake melted and then one of the many flower girls passed out with severe  heat exhaustion. Plus, there were flies and mosquitos everywhere. People kept leaving in order to sit out in their cars with the air conditioning running. I ended up drinking a significant amount, trying to cool down from beverages, but thereafter I made continual trips to the porta potty. I can’t even begin to understand why Mary failed to choose a venue which included a working HVAC system! Or running water! She spent so much time and money preparing for her wedding day, and then it was ruined by a lack of regular amenities.

central A/C system 

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