I talked with a friend for a while

With the sweltering heat here bi-weekly, the last thing that I need is for my A/C plan to go out.  However, that’s exactly what happened to my A/C. Just because I don’t believe in getting a heating and air conditioning tune-up, nor do I change my A/C filter on a official basis.  I guess I should have prepared better for the summertime, because now my A/C is barely working and it is genuinely boiling in my house. My husband and the little ladies are mad at me for not exchanging the A/C filter more often.  When the air conditioner stopped now working, I right away changed the filter. Just because it was so dirty that I could not see through it, does not mean that the air conditioner could not do the job with that kind of dust buildup.  At least that’s what I’m telling my family, but I don’t know that they believe me. So I’ve called an acquaintance of a co-worker who knows a little about air conditioners. However, he doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry to call me back.   I’ll be forced to call for an emergency heating and air conditioning repair within the next few minutes, or my husband will be spending the weekend at his father’s place, in a well air conditioned house. I’d love to join them, but I suppose I’m not invited.  I hate to do it, however I’ll have to ask for an heating and air conditioning tune-up. I’d like that over the cost of an emergency A/C repair job. I wonder if I can find any coupons online for A/C work?

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