I am not as comfortable as I was

Let me explain to you how far away from normal civilization I live… To get to our little town, you have to fly into the state capital, then take a water taxi to a little island offshore! From there, it’s an hour drive inland to the middle of the island, and so to say that I live far away is a massive understatement. However I am not a hermit, nor am I completely isolated. The town, which is about five minutes walk from our house, has sixty multiple people in it, as well as a couple of little businesses. But a couple times a month I walk to town for a meal at an air conditioned diner. Actually, the place is a combination general store, hardware store, as well as diner, however the air conditioning there is divine. This far north, you wouldn’t feel anyone would particularly need to run their air conditioner, however this place prefers to keep it chilly all the time! I don’t have any air conditioning in our house, nor have I ever felt like I needed it. However I still like the splitting coldness when I step into the diner, but whenever there happens to be a patch of sizzling weather, almost all the people in town gathers in the diner to soak in the cooling.  One time I asked old Mr. Deacons, who owns the place, why he consistently had his A/C working. Then he told myself and others that he didn’t transfer this far north to be hot. He was going to make sure the climate control in his shop consistently kept him chilly enough to remember where he was.

temperature control system 

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