When did things get so expensive

I used to assume that turning on the oil furnace on the first cold night of Winter & getting an odd smell was totally normal. We hadn’t used the heat since this time last year, it only makes sense that the furnace would be a slow to start. I had always imagined it like a car, you need to let it idle before you get on the road if you want to get that nice warm air. Now I learned better! It turns out, the musty stink & the dust is a sign of poor HVAC maintenance! Our proprietor lives out of state; we rent the home because he doesn’t want to sell it. This means he leaves us to do a lot of the little servicing. While we’re happy to do the basic care of mowing the lawn & small fixes like a little hole in the wall or new door knobs, we weren’t hiring an HVAC guy to come by & look at the oil furnace! We called our landlord and confronted him about the faulty furnace He conceded when we reminded him that the home doesn’t have a central heating system–its a double tank oil furnace that would cost a small fortune to update. Those sizable numbers finally spooked him into calling an HVAC business & hiring a furnace technician to come by & do the proper furnace service & duct cleaning. Now we never have that foul stink when we turn the oil furnace on every Winter!  

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