This is honestly a nightmare

When Jimmy and I were married, he and I were both twenty-one years old.  The two of us assumed we’d enjoy the next sixty years together. I particularly never expected to be a widow by the time I turned twenty four, or that I’d have a eight month old baby to raise on my lonesome.  When Jimmy and I found that I was pregnant, he instantly started talking about getting life insurance. I was a more than a bit reluctant, thinking it was unnecessary. The topic of life insurance is morbid plus slightly terrifying to me.  Pregnant with our first kid plus still in my early twenties, the last topic I wanted to think about was dying or life insurance! Jimmy passed away just less than a year later. The week before his death, Jimmy and I had gone away together plus had a beautiful time lying in the sun, swimming plus walking on our beach.  The following wednesday, Jimmy left early for his job, while I was still asleep. I’ll simply regret that I didn’t wake with him, tell him how much I loved him plus say goodbye. Later in that day, my brother Paul came rushing into our shouting that we needed to get to the hospital hastily. At that point, all I understood was that Jimmy had been involved in some accident at work.  He and my brother worked in construction together, so when he and I arrived at the hospital, the rest of his crew was seated in the waiting room. None of them could bring themselves to look at me and I knew I was going to lose my Jimmy. That was absolutely the worst day of my life. The weeks following were a complete nightmare. I am extremely glad that Jimmy insisted he and I invest in the life insurance policies.  I found myself alone, with a new baby, medical bills plus a mortgage to pay. I don’t think I could have survived financially without the help of the life insurance payment.

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