I feel very great without the air conditioning

I have been entirely working in a warehouse preparing boxes to ship for a couple of years now. As is, I usually I do not mind my job because it’s pretty simple as well as it pays well; I get to have breaks with my friends every day, as well as the warehouse has typically been a nice location to work! Now that it is summer season, I’m not so sure that I still feel the same way. Although our warehouse had excellent a/c in past years, as a result of budget cuts, our business has not been able to upgrade the warehouse’s a/c plan in quite some time. Consequently, the a/c is extremely unreliable. One day it could be entirely working great as well as keeping us all cool! The very next day the a/c could stop working completely as well as leave us all to sweat vigorously the rest of the day. Naturally not having a reliable a/c is making me dread going to work every single day, since I can never guess what to expect. I never guess how to dress either, since the a/c could be entirely working on full blast or not at all. I’ll usually end up dripping in sweat as well as with wet clothes before half of the day is over if I over dress. My coworkers as well as I are thus planning to petition our manager to ask for a modern a/c plan for our warehouse. The all of us are more productive as well as grateful employees when all of us have satisfactory a/c. I just hope our manager gives us a modern Heating as well as A/C system before the winter hits, because I can’t imagine what the warehouse would be like separate from any heat.

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