These are mistakes we all make

It took a near fatal accident to save my life, if you can buy that! Before my accident I was a pure workaholic, spending 71 to 100 hours in just one week at my job! Since I owned my own business, I thought the more I worked, the better my odds for success were. But what I never considered was that by working so much I made myself so tired out plus stressed that I was more prone to making mistakes. That is until one of those mistakes sent me to the hospital! When I finally got better plus got out of there, I knew I needed to make some changes to my heating and A/C business. By spending so much time working on A/Cs plus furnaces, I was burning myself out. Then I ended up making some dumb mistakes, which resulted in a massive air conditioner component falling onto my head plus putting myself in a 2 month long coma. When I emerged, I was a reborn man with a brand new lease on life plus a shift of attitude about my heating and cooling supplier. I hired on two current heating and A/C repair workers to handle current home calls. Then I stayed in the shop doing minor repairs plus handling the office work. It was frustrating handing over most of the heating and A/C repair calls to others, because I have always been such a hands-on type of guy. But the current workers enabled me to field a lot more repair and furnace installation calls, plus to work on twice as many heating and cooling systems as I did before.

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