I’m happy about the furnace

I’m not sure what weird generational gap is present in our family, yet for whatever reason, our mom and her mom struggle to get along. I have no clue as to why; our grandma is the kindest woman you’ll ever meet and Mom, for the most part, is a pretty polite, understanding lady. My mother has always been swet and wonderful to me, even when we don’t agree on things, but she loves to critique and analyze everything Grandma does. Recently, Grams had her home remodeled to get heated floors installed. After all, she and Grandpa are getting older, so it seemed like a smart idea; With the radiant heater, Grandma can relish a gentle warmth that is both efficient and simple to maintain. Also, the heater doesn’t have HVAC ducts, so it needs very little maintenance, which means that’s one less thing for Grams to worry about. The radiant floors are also easier on her joints. Grandma has to wear shoes inside regardless, however, having heat that emits upward within an entire room gives here fewer aches and discomfort in the winter. Mom complained that radiant gas furnaces were still a bad idea because they make your floors ugly. However, I explained that you can install radiant floors with more choices now than ever before, so you’re not that restricted at all. Grandma has beautiful tile and laminate wood flooring that looks and feels fantastic. So once I explained all of the pros and minimal cons, Mom stopped arguing! Now, she’s dying to get radiant floors in her home too!

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