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I’ve always been the type to enjoy warmer weather. Summer is my favorite season because of the sunny weather and warm days, and it always has been. Except this summer has been absolutely dreadful. When I checked my phone and saw the temperature was 112 degrees Fahrenheit, and still expected to rise a few degrees that afternoon, I couldn’t believe it! It was no longer shocking why I was sweating so much and getting thirsty so quickly when out running errands in such extreme heat. My car’s AC is cranked up as high as it can go, and I dread stepping out of the nice air conditioned vehicle into the heat. I’ve actually started speed walking between my car and my destination, trying to get inside into the building’s AC as quickly as possible! If I know I won’t be gone long, I’ll even leave my car running so the cooling system won’t shut down and make my car an overheated metal death trap. Without air conditioning, I don’t know how I’d survive this heat, and that’s not an over exaggeration. I’ve seen on the news that the heat has been affecting a great deal of people in the area, with over a dozen cases of heat stroke being reported in a single afternoon. Air conditioning saves lives when the heat gets bad like this. I’ve always considered AC a luxury, while heating is a necessity in winter to prevent one from freezing, but this heat wave has definitely given me an entirely new perspective on things. And while I tend to enjoy warmer weather, I can’t wait for the temperature to finally start going down again.

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