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Being a homeowner is a lot of work and at times can actually be exhausting. In fact there’s lots of times when I wish I didn’t own a home. An example was last week when I realized that there was a vermin in our Heating and A/C vents. I kept hearing small footsteps coming from the vents and knew that something had gotten in there. This was absolutely the last thing I needed. I was in the middle of redoing my entry way and wanted to focus all of my time on that. But I didn’t want the animals to have babies and make a home in my HVAC vents. And I really didn’t want to kill the family once I started to using my furnace in a couple of months. I started researching how to remove the vermin myself. I tried playing loud music and banging on the walls near the Heating and A/C vents – to no avail. I could still hear the running feet in my Heating and A/C vents. I finally called an HVAC technician and begged for help. I needed a professional to take care of my problem. I felt like I had tried just about everything, but still had vermin in my Heating and A/C vents. The man said that he could come over the following day and take a look at the situation. I was so  glad about that, and when he came, I asked him if he had ever seen this type of problem before. For some reason I was really pleased to think that he had dealt with this in the past.

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