My problems set in very quickly

I don’t guess who is in charge of SEO around here, however they easily need to reconsider the way they are advertising this stupid piece of plastic. Apparently some people seem to know that this dumb appliance is going to revolutionize their household, their lives, and the whole world, however those folks must be incredibly dense, then from what I can tell, there’s nothing intelligent about this stupid rectangle or the effect it’s having on our life. I’m talking, of course, about our current “smart” thermostat. This thing was supposed to save myself and others from abundant energy bills, uneven air temperatures, and headaches in general, however instead I’m only tormented by the ridiculous indoor air temperature control system. To begin with, the smart thermostat operates via Wi-Fi, which is to say that it doesn’t operate at all. The air quality control disconnects from our furnace and AC all the time, meaning I have to manually reprogram the whole central heating and cooling system. Secondly, the touch screen monitor does not seem to know our fingertips, and I have to pound on the home screen to make any Heating and Air Conditioning changes at all, and maybe it’s because our fingers are so frigid from lack of heat – who knows, but lastly, the smart thermostat does not like to communicate with our cell phone app, so I have to manually adjust the indoor air temperature settings most of the time. At this point, there’s nothing smart about our thermostat or the arduous process of trying to use it. My energy bills are just as high as ever, and our blood pressure is much higher.

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