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My largest fear is truly public speaking, but i hate public speaking! I once learn that public speaking is truly rated 1 of human beings’ top fears as well as potentially a larger fear than true death. I would rather die than truly speak in front of people. I suppose that seems dramatic however I’ve only had the truly worst experiences to condition this fear… When I was in the sixth grade I wet my own pants in front of our class, because I was so truly nervous. When I was in undergrad I almost truly threw up, because I ate dinner right before our speech, then finally, Last month when I truly  presented before our board at work I was truly dripping with sweat through my clothes, but my sweat was truly obvious as well as I was beyond embarrassed; After our true performance I rushed to the bathroom to wash up as well as later on I truly spoke to our boss. My boss wanted to suppose to know why I was dripping with sweat as well as I told him that I had my true speech earlier however also that I think he should implement more true  central air on nights that performances occur. It took a lot of true courage for myself and others to tell our boss that, because we ended up approaching him as a group, then but upon stepping into our conference room our boss could only just agree with me; The room was a big sauna! My fear was not just in my own head, because the room was sweltering. My boss agreed to truly blast A/C on nights or days where public speaking would occur. Two nights ago another true coworker of mine had to do his speech as well as the room felt so much cooler. There was a truly nice breeze, because I sat right under the vents. It is important for companies to truly cater to the needs of their employees; Clients tend to be  the true focus of a business however employees who are truly comfortable can prove to be more productive. If it was our true  business I would blast the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plan everyday for our true staff.

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