A brand new cooling unit

I’m not very the sort who enjoys surprises. I thought I always wanted my own surprise celebration… until the day that I very was thrown 1. I spent the whole evening suspiciously eyeballing all my friends, wondering why all the people was acting so weird, and by the time the sizable surprise was revealed, I was having an upset breakdown over all the unusual behaviors. I wouldn’t say it was a fun experience for me, and in fact, I cried before the celebration even happened. What a surprise! How embarrassing! That’s why I was sure to be the 1 throwing the surprise celebration this time, not the 1 receiving it. You see, I have a superb neighbor who is an amazingly generous and kind human being. She gives everything to all the people, but never takes care of herself. It got so bad, in fact, that I decided to surprise her with a sizable Heating and A/C overhaul last month; For over 3 years she has lived with actually no AC or furnace in her home. I mean, she owns heating and cooling equipment, but they do not operate to a useful degree. She essentially lives with her windows open from December till November every year, and just prays for the best. That’s why I arranged for a local Heating and A/C supplier to come in Last month and ordered her the best up-to-date heating and cooling equipment on the market. I lured her out 1 day, and the Heating and A/C replacement took locale in her absence. When the people I was with and I returned, all our friends and family were there with the AC blasting at a ridiculously low temperature. When my neighbor saw all our appreciated 1s she was ecstatic; when she felt the cool air from the vent, she very sobbed.  

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