I really want to retire

Sunset over the deepest recesses of the bayou is both a dreadful and amazing experience. First, there’s the way the crimson rays of the setting sun shine through the trees. Then there’s the swamp gasses that almost makes it look like you’re watching the Northern Lights. At the same time, there’s a stink coming off the warm swamp water that is repugnant in the extreme. It practically cancels out how amazing the whole scene is to look at. As children, we never had any type of indoor climate control so we had to learn to cope with the swamp smell and focus on of how beautiful the sunset was to witness. Still that sort of a low tide crossed with raw sewage stench would get so thick and heavy, the indoor air quality was akin to that of a garbage dump. At that time we had no air conditioning or air filters, either. Now when I go back to visit the folks once or twice a year, they have central air conditioning that cools the whole house, as well as a several stand alone air filtration units for when the smells get genuinely bad. The only reason they were able to afford a central heating, ventilation, and cooling system at all was because my siblings and I all went in together to buy it for them. It was well worth it for all of us, because now everyone gets to savor the climate conditions when we stay at their house. It was also the perfect way to say thank you. I wish the family had air conditioning when I was a kid, but I sure am happy we could provide it to our elderly parents now.

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