I am honestly on top of the world

Among the biggest mistakes of my adult life was becoming roommates with my twin sister. As twins, she and I always shared a special bond. We’ve been good friends all these years. Sadly, all that changed when we started residing together. I honestly had no clue how different we could be before rooming together. A perfect example is her nightly cooking horrific smelling foods for her diet. It makes the entire house stink of cabbage for days on end. I simply can’t handle it. She and I get into fights about it because all she needs to do is run the HVAC system a little more and the vents will pull the cabbage air out through the ducts while the air filters clean it. This helps eliminate the smell. An HVAC method is not a perfect system, obviously, but running it will absolutely minimizes cooking odors. My sister won’t go for that.. She hates running the A/C. She says it makes her allergies act up. Plus, she adores the smell of cabbage so why would he want to use the air filters to get rid of it for me? It may sound like a little thing, which maybe it is, but I always come home to a smelly home that slowly heats up because she loves it warm. I don’t like it warm. I like running the A/C at a temperature so cold, condensation forms on the windows.Sometimes, once she goes to sleep, I’ll crank the A/C way down and make it freezing cold all night.

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