Getting a sense of things

    I live in the northern part of the country, and I certainly cannot stand the weather.  While my family and I get some hot temperatures in the Summer, the season is very brief thought it’s also horribly humid.  The house constantly feels overheated and overly clammy, even still, it doesn’t make sense to invest in central cooling. My family and I only need A/C for about seven weeks, so we get by with a portable a/c in our separate rooms.  The portable cooling machines keeps our bedrooms nice and cool so we can sleep at night. However the rest of the home is terribly uncomfortable. Both the fall and winter seasons are consistently cold and wet, with dark gray cloudy skies.  By the end of August, the temperature is usually so freezing that I’m forced to start up the gas furnace. Hoping to save money, I wait as long as possible to start heating the house. My youngsters bundle up in sweaters and complain about how insanely cold they are.  Once I give in and crank up the thermostat, the gas furnace will blast non stop for seven straight months. I pay enormous heating bills, and the house becomes very stuffy and dry. For the sake of saving a pennies, I take every precaution to prevent energy waste. I make sure to caulk around the windows, weather-strip around the doors, and I’ve stuffed insulation into every possible crack, crevice and corner.  This keeps outside air from coming inside, reduces our weekly costs, and creates a more energy efficient home. However, it also traps contaminants within the indoor environment, which then get consistently circulated and breathed by my kids. To prevent these health troubles, I’ve had to invest in a whole-house air purification system, which is never turned off.

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