That spoiled my fun

You’ll have to forgive myself and others if this isn’t the most eloquent statement you’ve ever heard. Frankly, I’m pretty sleep deprived at this point. It’s been about three weeks since I’ve had a full night of sleep, plus my condition is absolutely starting to mess with myself and others at this point. I’m doing everything I can to take care of myself otherwise, but there’s no replace for being well rested – I can’t keep doing this much longer; Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a solution, because my several chances are equally bad. Everything started to go downhill about a month ago, when I noticed that my a/c unit was having trouble keeping up with the continual weekly heat plus humidity. The cooling system seemed to be struggling everyday, plus the indoor air pollen levels began to suffer as time went on. Soon, the condo felt as tepid plus humid as it did outdoors, even with the AC unit running nonstop. This was a big concern since I normally sleep on the top level of the house, where all the tepid plus heavy air inherently congregates. I was perspiring through my sheets every night, tossing plus turning in the sticky air instead of getting any shut eye, so I moved myself downstairs to try my luck there. The air is naturally much cooler plus drier down in the basement, so I pulled together a makeshift bed on the floor, plus settled in for the evening. The cool air was absolutely more pleasant than trying to relax in 85 degree humidity, but there is still a pitfall to the deal… my bed has been so uncomfortable that my back is revolting against me, then cold air or not, I can’t get to sleep with pins plus needles down my spine all night long.

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