I have my priorities

I have a sister who always manages to get on my last nerve. Growing up, she was the family favorite. Even friends of the family agreed! It just is not fair! She has always been more athletic than me. She takes pride her athletic feats, but I take pride in other things, like my job! Working in sales has its ups and downs like any job. However I really enjoy it despite its pitfalls. I have recently decided to regularly attend gym classes to become more fit. When I shared my accomplishments with my sister, she didn’t take me seriously at all! I explained how surprised she would be if she saw my skill, which turned out to be a mistake. She then challenged me to a race around the block. A challenge which I couldn’t refuse after the statement I just made. The winner would win a large sum of cash to use as they please. I knew what I would have used it for, a brand new Heating and Air Conditioning system! My home does not currently have a Heating and Cooling unit in it, so having one would be absolutely amazing. Maybe I could even afford a smart device controlled thermostat! However, when the day of the race came, I began to get quite nervous. What if I did not win? Then I would owe my wretched sister the money, not to mention how embarrassed I would be. That day my worst fears came true. She won the race without any problems. No new HVAC device for me, but at least I had the courage and confidence in myself to try!

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