The house is feeling comfortable again

I’m not really sure who is in charge of contracting and construction around this city, but they need to go back to school for a re-education on the issue. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that homes shouldn’t be built as poorly as they are in this region if folks are actually expected to reside in them safely. From what I’ve seen in the past year, everything around here is just backwards. It’s one thing to have a shoddy contractor do some shady work on your new construction project, but these homes are built wrong from the ground up. Let me tell you why. This climate is incredibly hot and humid all year long. They consider themselves lucky if it’s under 90 degrees any given day, and everyone lives in fear of the heat and humidity during the long summers. That being said, for some reason all of the homes I’ve seen around here have the bedrooms located on the top floor of the house. Most of the homes have basements or a low-lying split level, yet they preferentially choose to raise the sleeping areas up towards the heavens. Here’s why that makes no sense at all… heat rises. When you situate the bedrooms on the top floor, that means heated air will be floating up from the lower levels all day long. The sun will be pounding down on the roof, adding more heat to the mix. The air conditioning will remain down towards the lowest level of the place, no matter how many fans are involved to create circulation. Everyone around here is fighting physics, endlessly running their AC unit into the ground just to try to sleep at night. The only people who benefit from this stupid floorplan are the AC technicians.

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