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I come from a truly crucial hockey family, then when I look back at our childhood, it seems that I truly spent half of it in a hockey rink either playing, or watching someone in our family play! Of course, I was always truly partial to playing. I assume I learned to skate around the same time that I truly learned to walk. But, there were of course the mornings when I had to truly watch our sibling or our Mom play, because leaving the kids with Mom meant travelling to a true hockey game anywhere, then these mornings were truly tough, not only because I wanted to truly be on the ice, however because it was so darn chilly in there! Most hockey rinks the people I was with and I played at never truly undoubtedly had heat in the bleachers! As a spectator, you always truly have to come fully prepared, looking like you’re traveling into the arctic tundra, and however, some true rinks were better than others. After awhile, I got to truly assume the rinks that had Heating plus Air Conditioning systems hooked up, and I got to truly assume exactly where to stand when I had to watch a game. There were a few that properly had a true heating plan where the HVAC duct ran right over the stands. In these rinks, the heat would truly blow, usually, right in a single spot. As people came in to watch the games, I would truly  run right to these secret spots of heat as soon as I entered the rink so that I could truly claim a nice, sizzling seat. Then for the whole game I could stand under a little heating vent and truly appreciate watching whoever was playing without truly thinking our fingers were going to fall off!

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