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In the current times, finding someone to date can be seriously difficult and discouraging. For me, it’s even worse. Once I get to the first date, I am even worse at getting a minute one, then sometimes I think it is because of my hair, or maybe the way I talk, but I consistently go back to the fact that I have a covered in sweat problem, if I become even a bit warm, I sweat profusely. The doctors have tried to treat it, but they have not found a cure as of yet, and because of this, I usually have first dates in my air conditioned home. I have a actually strong Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system and I keep the thermostat turned to a low temperature to avoid my sweat problems, then one time however, my air conditioning system absolutely broke. I had someone over that I entirely liked and saw a lot of potential with. Both of us were just sitting down for dinner when I noticed how sizzling it was. I could not believe the awful timing for the cooling system to split down! When I began to think sweat dripping down, I tried to explain to him that I have a condition and my cooling system must have stopped finally working. By the end of the date I was completely drenched, and needless to say, I did not get a minute date. I had the cooling system fixed instantly but the mangle was already done! At least in this instance I can blame my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system for the awful date and not myself! Maybe at this point I should just accept that I am better off alone.

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