I will do the HVAC maintenance if need be

Living in a gated community isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  There is an added element of security and properties are neat and clean.  But the strict adherence to uniformity can get a bit absurd. The Home Owners Associations exist to enforce rules which are aimed toward maintaining a property’s value.  I have no complications with this idea. However, a restriction can sometimes go too far. In my mailbox there was a formal letter of warning relaying an issue with the HVAC unit on our old guest house.  The letter of warning proposed our older heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit is both too loud and rather outdated. Now, this is a guest house that is occupied when family comes to town which is, maybe, no more than two to four times annually.  The old HVAC unit hardly rarely runs! And, this outdated unit can be seen from the only street and at a particularly specific angle. I wanted to stand up to this crazy-sounding rule. But, my husband had talked me down from the confrontation. He said that he would do some research and make some calls to replace the old unit.  I agreed to back down. To my surprise, just about a month later my husband put forth an option that was brand new to me. The upgrade is called a mini-split system. It is absolutely ingenious. The inside segment mounts high on the inside part of an exterior wall. All of the components that go outside are connected by a few small tubes that thread through a small hole in the wall.  The best piece is the ease in which the outside components can be out of sight behind the guest house or up under the eaves. The large condenser box with a fan motor stated to be too loud is now gone. The cooler air put out by the new mini-split is remarkable. I was definitely appreciative of our decision update to this new HVAC wonder. I just didn’t like the unnecessary rush.

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