Efficiency does matter

Similar to others, I now work from home.  I put forth the effort and initially I was skeptical but I’m getting better.  My daily routine had been to constantly drive to an office where I was not distracted by things at home.  I was terribly under productive at first working from home. I would find an excuse to get up from my work frequently.  The most notable hurdle was the lack of an organized spot from which to do my work. I recognized this straight away. I displaced everything from a guest room to transform it into work space.  My productivity was positively impacted. It felt instantly familiar, almost as if I were back at work once again. A persistent problem was that this guest room was rather hot during my work hours.  I realize that the HVAC unit is older however, it is sufficient for the first two levels of our home. My home office though was a converted attic space thus would not stay cool. I asked the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist from a local company to come out with some proposals.  He noticed the temperature variance instantly. Well, he had a remedy almost as quickly. My HOA’s rules do not allow for the window air conditioner units. The specialist advocated a mini-split system. This is a heating and cooling system that is a true wonder. The interior unit is mounted up high on the inside wall of the exterior.  It is then connected by these tubes to the small condenser unit that is outside. It requires that only a small hole is cut as a pass-through in the wall. I promptly ordered this split right there. My HVAC installer brought it out a seven days later, it was put in within four hours. I couldn’t begin to imagine the difference this new system would make.  The mini-split not only cools my office space, it cools the entire 3rd floor as well, I might add. So, with this installation I have one less distraction to prevent me from being a productive at-home worker.

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