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Many of my friends consider myself and others a neat freak.  They could be right. I care about things to be clean as well as hygienic however I wouldn’t say I’m a nut about it.  My vehicle still has that modern vehicle stink because I spray it in there. I have physically eaten off a single of my floors simply to prove a point.  Does that make myself and others a freak? Perhaps it does when I consider it. But, I’m not trying to annoy anyone; I just care about it clean. The air inside my condo is a good example.  I have the latest in heating as well as cooling technology. My HVAC method has a SEER rating of 28. The entire HVAC method is diagnosed as well as worked on seasonally every single year. I also have the ducts in my condo cleaned as well as maintained at least once a year.  My newest addition is the whole condo UV whole-condo air purifier. My HVAC guy was able to install the whole-condo air purifier in an afternoon. The UV spectrum is shined on all the air after it passes through the air filter. This particular spectrum of light can kill contaminants on the molecular level.  I prefer a single particular detail about the UV whole-condo air purifier. This thing will eliminate 90 % of all the contaminants within the first air cycle. I was honestly impressed with the whole-condo air purifier performance. The difference it made was immediate as well as lasting. It’s as though I can taste the purity of my homes air.  I mean it is the air every one of us breathe; shouldn’t every one of us do everything every one of us can to make it clean? Now, my friends are going to start calling myself and others an HVAC clean freak. That’s okay with myself and others because I believe where my air has been. Do you?

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