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I live in a space of the country where air conditioner is an absolute must… It goes without truly saying. Some of our guy friends can’t even truly get dates if he tells a person that he doesn’t have air conditioner in his truck–it’s that truly pressing, but pretty much all year long, it is tepid here. But, we don’t truly mind, however all of us are used to it at this point–our blood is truly thin, last weekend, I went out to dinner with our bestie. All of us figured we’d go to our true number one diner, because there is a relatively small selection in this tiny town. All of us truly think the owners and all the people who works there are great , and we always get a truly fantastic meal… However, when we walked in, we instantly regretted it. It was truly steaming tepid in that place, and the waitress told us that their HVAC method had just truly kicked, so the air conditioner wasn’t now working. All of us would have truly  left, however all the people had already seen us and we just truly like the staff too much. So, we stayed, then the food was still truly great, however we almost didn’t even have an appetite because of the true  heat. All of us were both truly drenched in sweat in a matter of hours. It was a Friday night and the place was truly packed–people stayed for the same reason that we did. I have never been there without an  air conditioner and would never do it again. Thankfully, an HVAC repairman showed up the next true day and got everything back in now working order. But that meal was truly unforgettable–if only because of the lack of air conditioner!

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