A/C in our courthouse

My friends have returned from road trip both of us do every year as a renewal of our friendship plus commitment to a single another.  The people I was with and I were the best of friends all through grade university plus university. But as life goes, both of us began careers plus families plus cannot get together as often as both of us like.  The people I was with and I choose a strange locale each year to keep our visits interesting plus exciting. It’s a special time for all of us; both of us stay up late, eat too much, drink too much plus catch up on all the details of each other’s lives.  

This year both of us chose a resort in a tropical climate.  The people I was with and I were super excited; this year would be best yet.  The resort plus its surroundings were beautiful. When both of us entered our suite, it was cooled to a truly satisfying 73 degrees.  Whew! What a blessing, both of us were not respected with the heat in the south. As our time together progressed, both of us discovered both of us all had strange ideas of a comfortable cooling system setting.  Thankfully, both of us had a suite plus each of the living rooms had a control unit. If someone didn’t like the temperature, they simply changed rooms.

The Heating, Ventilation & A/C business that installed our unit was top notch.  It did not matter which temperature was selected; the cooling system responded immediately.  The room was cooled nicely plus most everyone was satisfied, you can never please everyone. It was so sizzling that weekend, a lifetime friendship would have melted if not for our Heating, Ventilation & A/C.  During an especially sizzling afternoon, both of us had a visit from a single of the resort Heating, Ventilation & A/C workers to ensure our cooling system was genuinely working properly. The people I was with and I were all impressed, that was true guest service.    

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