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I look back on my college years with so much fondness.  I made so many amazing memories while in my college days.  During those years, I met some amazing people and went on some crazy adventures.  I enjoyed being in college and wish I could go back for a day. I learned to live a simple lifestyle and to rough it at times.  In the university dorms, you are not given the greatest living space. My first dorm room was big, but it was an outdated building.  It had many issues in the structure of the building. The largest issue I had was the heating and cooling systems. First of all, there was no cooling system in the building.  During the warm months, those dorms become saunas. It was so uncomfortable in the winter The heating system wasn’t reliable. It broke down often and didn’t heat the building properly.  My friend’s dorm down the hall was too warm while in the winter. She had trouble sleeping. Eventually he bought a fan and used it while in the winter. My room was always cold. I couldn’t sleep at night because of it, so my mom bought a space heater for me.  The first year was the worst, but the following year was much better. That dorm building had correct heating and cooling thankfully. Despite these rough conditions, I still enjoyed my time in college. I tried to take advantage of every possibility while in my time there.   I made some amazing memories andI am thankful that I had the opportunity.

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