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This past weekend, my brother got married and it was a real disaster. Not because of his ceremony, that was planned truly beautiful and great, but it was the fact that he wanted to have the ceremony outdoors in the dead middle of summer season when it was over 95 degrees outside all the time! I thought he was nuts, however I went along with it since I had to be there, and after all I could not tell my brother how to run his own wedding day! The thing I thought about was the after party later would be ok because the hall that was rented had a truly nice, brand new, super modern and latest in Heating and Air Conditioning technology heating and cooling proposal with both an air purification unit and industrial size humidifier inside of it. I know, because I was the one that installed the thing! Yes, I am a certified Heating and Air Conditioning repairman for a career. Not many think that about myself and others outside the family. I always keep my heating and cooling certification a secret from friends and casual people I think because I do not want them begging for free heating and cooling repair service. Not that I wouldn’t mind doing one here and one there as a favor, unfortunately they would all take advantage slowly I am sure, but even that being said, I keep my mouth shut about it always to them, when they ask what I do, I just tell them that I job in sales for a local heating and cooling company! But anyway, my brother’s wedding went good and the reception was a welcomed relief with the nice industrial heating and cooling system!

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