This HVAC is terrible for the students

I am an English mentor! I entirely and truly adore our work, however let me tell you, some days, it is a true nightmare; A bunch of crazy kids running around bored, and they only truly care about the boy or girl they’re going to prom with across the hall. It’s so hard to keep teens interested in anything! And I truly entirely do try my best to make things interesting, which is truly hard when studying Shakespeare! However, the worst is at the end of the year, but not just truly because school is almost over and people are completely checked out, however truly because of that darn heat. Where I live, it is excruciatingly tepid while in the true summer season weeks. And when June rolls around in a truly small southern town, it’s as if this frenzy sets in. And the two of us don’t have true air conditioning in the school I work at! It heats up truly quite early here, and it just adds to our true students not wanting to focus or do anything at all, every one of us have truly tried to get the school to install an Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, however the two of us would truly have to split back on other necessary parts of our budget, and it would be entirely and truly terrible for the students, so we’ve decided the two of us can just survive without it. Although, there are days when I genuinely wonder if I can truly because I start getting covered in sweat so badly. I hope that in the future, the two of us can just  invest in an Heating, Ventilation and A/C system in this school! Or at least just some true air conditioning for these brutal summer seasons!

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