I turned the furnace down

My girlfriend moved in with myself and others about a year ago now. So far, both of us have been getting along absolutely well, but we’ve had to make a lot of different adjustments, then for instance, since our place is only a single study room apartment, & is also on the small side, both of us have a single small bed & both of us can’t both fit in it at once. The window air conditioning system unit is in the study room also, but luckily she & I have opposite schedules, so it has worked so far. I work early in the day until early afternoon, so I sleep in the study room with the air conditioning system & the bed from about more than five pm to about a single in the day. That’s usually when she gets beach house from work & is ready to kneel down. That way she is able to use the bed & air conditioning from that time until she gets up the next day. Our schedules won’t be so perfectly synchronized forever, though. Both of us need to get looking for apartments soon. Both of us have gone so far as to make a list of things both of us will need in a new apartment. The list includes the following… Both of us will need a huge master study room big enough for a king sized bed. Both of us want central air conditioning & central heating, so that both of us can cool the entire apartment, not just the study room. Obviously both of us will also need the usual things like a kitchen & washroom, but the air conditioning & huge master study room are our priorities. Both of us need to both be able to be comfortable when trying to sleep or both of us won’t be able to function.

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