I know what I want

While our lunch was cooking away in the oven, I decided to do a little bit of work in our study. I had the air conditioning running because it was much too warm for me to feel comfortable. I didn’t initially pay a lot of attention to the air conditioning after I turned it on. In retrospect, though, I wish I had. I walked out of the study just for a minute, long enough to look at the juicy roast that I had cooking in the oven. I knew, of course, that I should add some liquid to it so it didn’t dry out, but before I could do that, something else suddenly drew my attention. My smoke alarm started to beep rather loudly, so then I thought that our lunch was burning. Still, I knew that couldn’t be because I was in the kitchen looking at the roast. Well, I went back to our study only to discover smoke coming out of the air conditioning unit. I honestly didn’t know what to do, aside from turn it off, which I did. So I let it stand for a while, but then the smoke started again, as well as I saw a little bit of flame coming out of the back, out into the open air. The only thing I could thing to do was to shove the air conditioner out of the window. I pushed out, as well as it landed on our rose bush. It was kind of dry at that time, so I abruptly ran around the house as well as I grabbed the hose. I’m gleeful I had the hose, because our rosebush was now burning, as well as it is right up against the house. I got the fire out abruptly as well as I went back into the house, just in time to see our lunch going up in smoke.

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