The central heater

My husband and I finally found my dream home. We had both been condo hunting for over a year looking for the perfect condo for us.  The two of us have three young children with more on the way. We needed a condo that was good enough to meet our growing families needs.  The most important thing to myself and my hubby was a nice basement. I realized the basement would provide myself and others the flexibility that I needed.  The two of us found a great condo that had a nearly finished basement with lots of square footage. At first my husband was upset about the chances to make the basement comfortable enough to be a constant play section for the children.  The two of us had a neighbor that owned a Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C business for over 20 years, so we hired him to complete the basement. The two of us found out that there were many reasons that basements are hard to keep heated up.  Since the floors of the basement are made from concrete slabs, water vapor seeps through the cement slabs causing moisture, dampness and humidity. I knew the children would want to mess around in the basement with their bare feet on the ground so I wanted a heating plan that would make the flooring tepid yet comfortable. Plus I also needed a plan that would help decrease the overall moisture.  The two of us decided to install an in-floor radiant heating plan plus a dehumidifier. The state of the art dehumidifier will help reduce the moisture in the air and improve the overall air quality of the basement. The in-floor heating unit will keep the floor warm yet dry and provide a comfortable temperature in the basement for us.

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