I really want a change

I was trained to be an automobile mechanic when I was 20, having a long love of cars and knew quite a bit about them.  I thoroughly enjoyed my profession, but years later I began to feel burnt out. It seemed that more and more the small mechanic garages were closing and the big franchised garages were taking over the industry. I had no desire to work for a large franchise and decided to learn a new marketable skill to make a living. I noticed a class was being offered in HVAC serviceman training class at a school nearby, so I signed up. The schedule was intense, meeting Monday through Friday from 9 in the morning until 5 at night for ten weeks. I hadn’t been a student for many years, so I was a a bit intimidated to take the HVAC course. Thankfully, I realized that many of the other people in the class were about my age. They too were excited to learn a new trade, having come from a variety of industries. What a relief! It was also wonderful to learn that the Heating, Ventilation and A/C industry was  growing, which explained why the course was being offered. And the admissions folks let me know that they would offer assistance in finding a job once the HVAC course was completed – that is ‘if’ I passed the rigorous exam.

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