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Living with a chronic health disease can be hard, especially when it’s a condition where you don’t appear sick to the outside world and then other people have a taxing time understanding that something is wrong! I live with a dysautonomic condition and have suffered with it since I was 13 years old! Among the many symptoms are dizziness and trouble balancing, nausea, difficulty breathing, frequent headaches and migraines, and not being able to respectfully regulate un-even temperatures. So, then they all come and go, and the last one is likely the hardest one to try to get others to understand for me the most. But while they’re all comfortable with the room temperature, I may know ice cold or burning up in my body, or even both extremes at once in odd areas of my body too. However one minute I may be chilly, and the next suffering from the heat, it can be hard. There isn’t anything that helps other than attempting to adjust the temperature control in my surroundings. For this, I had a remote controlled Heating and A/C system installed by my local Heating and A/C provider and it has helped sizably in increasing my hourly comfort. When I’m feeling hot, a touch of the bottom can bring in relieving cool air from the AC, while the furnace can be activated just as certainly when I get cold. It’s much easier on me than having to get up to manually adjust my temperature control every time my temperature fluctuates. Right now, some of my friends and family may see it as a way for me to be lazy. Though, explaining the benefits of having the remote controlled Heating and A/C system in my life on my health is difficult! Even if others don’t understand, I’m grateful for the relief and comfort my Heating and A/C system brings myself and others even when my other symptoms are at their worst.

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