I’m happy with my relationship

Having met my husband online, we’ve never been so much as in the same zip code as one another. Though we are really still severely cheerful and work together with the technology that allowed us to meet despite living so far away from each other.  It will allow us to stay in touch so we can talk on a daily basis as well as video chat to see one another until it can change. Of course we sincerely intend to get-together some time soon, but with our jobs going down their own paths at the moment it was agreed that things are perfect just the way they are for now! Being in peculiar areas as well as living in peculiar time zones had proven to be challenging and provide some jokes about the differences in our conditions. See,  while I’m situated in a warmer area, he’s further north in the deep cold. So, while he’s complaining about the cold as well as bundled up under the covers with his new heating system cranked up, I’m whining about how warm it is as well as running our air conditioner constantly. When the cold finally hits me as well as I need to use our heater a lot and his has been on for months! But then, when I’m absolutely roasting in the middle of the warm summer season months as well as our a/c is barely a respite from the heat then, he teases me about how comfortable the temperature is there as well as how he doesn’t even need to run his AC! I wonder how it will be once we finally move together – if I go to him, the cold will be a modern experience for me now, as well as I’m not so sure how he’d handle the drastic heat here too. But, with our history of opposing heating as well as cooling interests, it’ll be nice to just have the same temperature control settings for once!

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