Cold and wet air

My mother-in-law has lived in the same house for more than fifty years. She and her late partner purchased the property shortly after they were married and went on to raise their family there. She prefers the arena however it’s been more than she could handle on her own for a while. After she took a bad fall a few weeks back, we all decided it was time for her to move into assisted living. My fiance and I are taking over the house so it stays in the family. I’m legitimately working on getting some updates done before we move in. There’s a lot of original features that do not add charm; they just cost currency. Case in point, is the old mercury temperature control. It’s completely unreliable. There’s a lot of grime build up inside the dial and I doubt its level. So, I’m replacing it and taking advantage of the modern technology that’s on the market. I’m going to turn the arena into a smart home. I want to be able to control the heating, cooling and filtration systems from anywhere with our tablet. This month I’m getting the old temperature control updated with a modern WIFI device. I can change the temperature throughout the house from our iPhone. I’ll get updates when I need to update the gas furnace and air conditioning filters, then no more guesswork. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional did say that set-up of the smart temperature control is key to how well it will function. If the temperature control is in the wrong location, it won’t get an accurate read of the temperature of the room. Essentially, the temperature control and Heating, Ventilation, and A/C method won’t be communicating. Once he gets here, I’ll let the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C tech find the optimal point to be. I want this done right. This house means so much to us.

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