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It took myself and others a few decades but I was finally able to buy an antique Harley-Davidson from the same year I was born. I have wanted this make & model since I was a teenager, it is only now that I can afford a single. The funny thing is, it costs more now than it did back then. I got the bike in pristine condition however after using it & keeping it in the garage for a few months, I noticed rust forming in a few sites, however when I looked up the cause on our biker forum, I discovered that it is from the humidity in the air & that several people keep their antique bikes in garages with temperature control. I had no idea. My house has temperature control however not our garage. I called an Heating & Air Conditioning corporation & they came out & provided myself and others an bid to add some air duct in order for the garage to be heated, air conditioned, & have humidity control as well. They said that our Heating & Air Conditioning component can absolutely handle the extra space. My partner wasn’t blissful about the expense of adding temperature control to the garage so I proposed the two of us had our Harley into the house instead. Of course, she agreed that adding air duct to the garage was the better of the more than one options. I haven’t mentioned to her yet that the bike may need to be moved into a single of the spare study room anyway while the Heating & Air Conditioning specialists are toiling in the garage. I don’t want dust & debris from them cutting into the walls to get all over it.

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