I can tell I have a big problem

During the previous winter season, the two of us really had some air quality issues in our beach condo. The two of us had freezing temperatures inside of the beach condo, even though we had adjusted thermostat to a warmer temperature. The Two of Us Saw energy bills climbing higher each month, and we were still walking around the house in a sweater just to stay warm. There was additionally and unquestionably large supply of dust that seemed to build up on all of our Electronics. The two of us constantly cleaned as well as vacuumed, but the two of us largely saw no respite. The two of us observed an odd smell in the air, as well as began to worry about what type of things were being inhaled. The two of us tried everything we could to rid the beach condo of that musty smell. The two of us sprayed apple as well as cinnamon air fresheners, as well as lit a Hawaiian scented candle. Neither of these things helped rid our home of the awful odor. The two of us broke down as well as contacted the heating as well as AC company. They found our complications to be caused by the air ducting components. Our air ducting components had not been cleaned, as well as it seemed very clear that the air ducting components were riddled with many different types of contaminants. The heating as well as AC company suggested that we perform a thorough cleaning of our ductwork. They used specialty tools as well as a small vacuum hose to remove all of the contaminants from the ductwork.

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