You have to hang on to your air filters

One thing that I really like about Heating and A/C systems is that they come with possibilities to be environmentally friendly. Personally, I have very my own Heating and A/C system! I have both Heating and Cooling, and while some people use filters that they throw away each week like when they replace the filter they simply just throw away the old one, I do not. However for my Heating and A/C method I have a filter that you wash, then you remove the air filter from the system.  Then you take the air filter and wash it with water. So, once it is dry you place it back into the Heating and A/C system. You may have to turn your Heating and A/C method off for a couple of minutes while you do this. However it is being more environmentally friendly daily. By simply washing it off you are not wasting an air filter each and every week. I replace my air filter about every five weeks or so. So instead of disposing of 12 air filters I only dispose of several per year. This makes me know I am doing a lot better than having an Heating and A/C system. I know people who are certainly wasteful of what they have, but especially with food and things like that. So being able to help out our Earth by disposing of less things makes me know better. Having an air filter that I can just wash absolutely makes Heating and A/C systems seem a lot better to me overall. If you are interested in having this type of air filter look no further than your local Heating and A/C business. I am sure that they will help you out with a new filter.

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