I’m in a great place

I think that because I live by a lake I live in a entirely bazar area! The humidity levels in my lake house are constantly going funky. And when we first moved into my lake house it was so humid that snacks would go stale in a matter of hours. So,even if the chip bucket was clipped, it would still suppose soggy and incredibly stale. There was way too much moisture in my house, that I knew that immediately I would have to call the HVAC supplier. I would need to inquire about having a dehumidifier installed into my house. This was the only possible way that I would get rid of all that extra moisture in my house and attic. There was no way I was going to live like that the rest of my life in this house, it was so bad. I noticed that there has even tons of moisture in my lake house while I was in the winter season time when most people’s houses would actually end up being dry for that time of year. The gas furnace puts heat into the lake house plus makes the air in the lake house actually drier than normal. Most often people’s wood will dehydrate in the winter season time because their houses get so dry. Not mine, It still has a ton of moisture. So I run my dehumidifier all year long. If you live in a lake house near a body of water you are likely to experience the same thing I am experiencing too. So. then do not be afraid to call your local HVAC supplier about this difficulty you may be having. If you live near water it is entirely normal to have high moisture in your home a lot. It is nothing a small dehumidifier unit cannot solve.

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