I keep sneezing

My dust sensitivities have been acting up on a crazy deranged level lately! I don’t entirely know why they have been acting up so much. I have been listening to the news plus I do not think that the pollen count is that high this fall. However, I have been sneezing and have had itchy eye issues for a long time. I don’t know what else it could be. I suppose it could be something in the home that is causing me to be so self-explanatory annoyed all the time. I do not have pets so it is not possibly any pets that are making me think this way. I did have a suspicion that it could be coming from my old HVAC ducts. I suppose that a lot of dirt plus dust sets in those HVAC ducts. I also have just started to use the heat as it has become a lot cooler outside. I could see how the air blowing through the HVAC ducts could be blowing the dust plus dirt plus allergens in to my house. That could be causing my dust sensitivities to be so disappointing these afternoons. That is the closest I have gotten to discovering what it could be that is causing my dust sensitivities to act up so much, so I also made an appointment with my local HVAC dealer. I made an appointment so that they can come plus clean out my HVAC ducts. I am hoping that after they clean my HVAC ducts I will be dust sensitivity free. However I am going to have to go outside while I clean the HVAC ducts. It would certainly make my dust sensitivities much worse to be inside while they are cleaning it.

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