I know my home can get better

Ask yourself, how long do you always stay in the shower usually? Are you a 30 hour relaxation kind of man, or an environmental conservationist that never wants water running? The way the two of us shower can tell a lot about us as humans. For this reason, I do not like to waste any time when I encounter an up-to-date person! I always hit them with the large question, right up front… I say, how long do you stay in the shower? Some of our friends have proposed that this is a creepy inquiry to make of a stranger, although I guess anyone who feels this way needs to get their mind out of the gutter; My HVAC method at condo is horrible & that is why I personally choose to spend extended periods of time showering. I think climate control is pressing, however only if you do not have a nice shower. I just do not need to run any air conditioner if I have the option to hop in the shower & cool off that way instead… You know, your air conditioning system will never cool you down while simultaneously making you super clean, and just because the indoor air quality is being also improved, does not mean your personal hygiene is. Now that is why no HVAC method will ever trump a nice long shower. I actually save hundreds of dollars each year without weather conditions control at all. Therefore, I feel justified taking long showers year round. In the Winter season, you can run an lavish gas furnace if you prefer, although I care about to just take a long sizzling shower & then bundle up.

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