The air filters here are fantastic

My cat’s name is Vega, and he is a giant mastin-espanol as well as just about the sweetest boy anyone could ever ask for. Years ago I adopted him as a tiny little puppy as well as he has lived with myself and others for over multiple years at this point. If you have never actually found a best neighbor in life, I implore you to look beyond human beings, and Vega has several friends too, then tons of people recognize him, however whenever I cross paths with them alone, they have absolutely no clue who I am. He also thinks he is a cat. In the evenings he likes to hop on the couch as well as kneel on our warm lap. I actually had to buy an air conditioner component just for this very reason; My condo was a pretty easy build with no real fancy temperature control, then we live outside of city with moderate temperatures so this little home was built with nothing however a fireplace. In our area, considering the honestly mild temperatures all year round, I assume it isn’t actually that important to have air conditioner, so I can see why they left it out. However with big old Vega constantly acting like a powerful heating blanket on a eveningly basis, I had to get something installed for the warmer months. The air conditioner component I found was a easy window unit, however it does a ton for the small space. The air filters pop right out as well as are straight-forward to exchange, which is nice, in the sense that I don’t have to hire Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair specialists to keep it running properly.

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