I really can’t do that

My partner insists on fixing everything himself, if our closet door breaks, he wants to repair it. If the car gets a flat tire on it, he will fix that too. Everything around our current home has been repaired by him. Sometimes he does a good job, however other times he makes the problem much worse, and last year our HVAC system stopped genuinely working. It got genuinely sweltering inside our current home without a working A/C. Instead of my partner contacting the local HVAC contractor, he decided to repair the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system himself! He got on the internet and did some research about the repair part he would need. Then he found the part online. I absolutely thought he would be successful with this particular repair. I was thrilled to have a genuinely working A/C unit again. However, that was over a week ago plus we still have not gotten the Air Conditioning part in the mail. I have tried to track the package on the mail carrier’s website, however that is not helping. I tried to email the mail carrier, however they have not yet gotten back to me. It is so frigging hot in my little house without a working A/C. I thought that my partner may just contact the local Air Conditioning repair contractor to get the issue taken care of, but he told me and others he does not plan to do that. He insists on fixing the damn system himself since he already paid for the part for the system. I am so upset with him now. I may have to stay in an air conditioned hotel until he gets this issue taken care of.

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