What a great system

I adore getting enjoyable service. I work a job with the public, so I know how difficult it can be. Everyone has difficult afternoons when they do not want to be nice. But getting nice service can make your afternoon much better. Yesterday, my pesky HVAC unit finally busted. I was not content. I called up my HVAC dealer and spoke to the best dispatcher I have ever encountered. He was so polite and very accommodating. She bent over backwards to get me an appointment for the same week. She could tell how bummed I was about my broken Heating system! The HVAC worker that came to my loft to repair my cooling system was so friendly too! He was a very southern gentleman residing in the northeast. He referred to me as ma’am and even shook my hand when I answered the door. He was legitimately knowledgeable about the HVAC industry. I showed him my Heating and A/C unit and allowed him to get to work. I was sad that the Heating as well as A/C idea would need to be updated since it was over 12 years old. I did not have the money for such a repair. I would have to get on a payment schedule with the HVAC dealer. I told myself not to fret. I tried to remain positive! After 3 hours, the HVAC worker provided me with very enjoyable news. Apparently my Heating and A/C system just needed to be tuned up a little. It would not have to be replaced after all. I was so excited, and not only would I be saving money, however the HVAC dealer I worked with had the nicest gang of employees. I will actually be using them again.

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